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Firmware voltronic M-5KW-64


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Thanks for the image of the sticker; it helps a lot. I believe that this is an Axpert MKS 5K-48 with 64 V option. The latest known firmware for this is now getting somewhat old, it's 72.20. This supersedes 72.10 and from memory 72.00. Do not confuse with 72.40 and higher; these are PF0.8 firmwares for 58.4 V models.

This is available in patched form here. If for some reason you prefer the original, unpatched firmware with its premature charge bugs, no KettleKomp™, poorer display options etc, you can follow the instructions to rename hex files and obtain the factory version.

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3 hours ago, pablo66 said:

what happens if i flash 64v machine with 58.4 firmware???

It won't even let you, unless you go to extraordinary lengths. If you did go to those extraordinary lengths, I suspect it would be very confused and cause major problems, but that's just a guess at this point.

But there should be no need to attempt that now that patched firmware version 74.40e is available.

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