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Sustainable landscaping solutions

Some of the solutions being developed are:

  • Reduction of stormwater run-off through the use of bio-swales, rain gardens and green roofs and walls.[3][4][5]
  • Reduction of water use in landscapes through design of water-wise garden techniques (sometimes known as xeriscaping) [6][7][8][9]
  • Bio-filtering of wastes through constructed wetlands [10]
  • Landscape irrigation using water from showers and sinks, known as gray water [11]
  • Integrated Pest Management techniques for pest control
  • Creating and enhancing wildlife habitat in urban environments [12]
  • Energy-efficient landscape design in the form of proper placement and selection of shade trees and creation of wind breaks [13][14]
  • Permeable paving materials to reduce stormwater run-off and allow rain water to infiltrate into the ground and replenish groundwater rather than run into surface water [15][16]
  • Use of sustainably harvested wood, composite wood products for decking and other landscape projects, as well as use of plastic lumber [17]
  • Recycling of products, such as glass, rubber from tires and other materials to create landscape products such as paving stones, mulch and other materials[18]
  • Soil management techniques, including composting kitchen and yard wastes, to maintain and enhance healthy soil that supports a diversity of soil life
  • Integration and adoption of renewable energy, including solar-powered landscape lighting [
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