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Inverex Axpert King Batteries stuck at 57% + Settings


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   as the title says I got a Inverex inverter (Axpert king 3.2 KV to be specific) with 2 Deep cycle Gel batteries ( thats what the label says and Model: Homage HB-200G) so the problem is its showing that batteries are are not charged and at 57% but then suddenly jumps to 100% and then back to 57% is this ok?.
and i set it to SUB mode just now but still the same and   it was set to SBU before but i it might be take from batteries thats why fluctuation so set it to SUB but still the same goes to 100% then back to 57%.

8 solar panels attached 4x320w and 4x150w

as for settings here is link to pics:   https://ibb.co/album/mbwgva
Link to inverter site: https://www.aptinverex.com/product/axpert-king-3-2kw/
and it would be really appreciated if someone can look at these settings and let me know if they are right or anything that needs to be changed?

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18 hours ago, LaziestNightOwl said:

its showing that batteries are are not charged and at 57% but then suddenly jumps to 100% and then back to 57% is this ok?.

I don't think it's acceptable, but that's what it is. You have to remember that the SOC figure is largely for amusement with lead acid batteries, and totally unconnected to reality for LFP batteries.

I don't have 3.2 kW Axpert King firmware, but the Axpert VM III seems to calculate the battery SOC for 24 V systems as 2.5% for every 0.1 V above the low DC cutoff setting (21.0 V) plus 0.2 V. This has a much higher slope (2.5x) and a different origin (per 12 V module) than the same firmware running in a 48 V model (2% for every 0.1 V above setting 29 plus 0.2 V). When the battery is charging, neither of these makes any sense, so I don't know where the 57% comes from. But I'm not totally surprised that it jumps from 57% to 100%.

You really should use something like a Victron BMV battery monitor to get any sort of feel for how charged your battery is. Voltronic really cheaped out when they didn't include a current sensor on the battery.

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