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Painting a roof white?


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I read once a long time ago, that if very single rooftop in the world was painted white, it would go far towards stemming the warming we currently are starting to experience.

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1 hour ago, plonkster said:

Yes. Yes it will.

Also look at at Plascon Nuroof cool. It contains a UV reflective component which apparently reduces heat by an impressive amount, plus, you get to use a colour other than white :-)

I've painted the roof of my house with this prior to installing the panels about a year ago. I've used the greyish colour - temperature of the roof sheets and inside the roof is much lower than before it was painted.


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Some of the more paraat farmers in the Karoo paint their roofs silver to cool the house down. I don't like the glare. This is something I definitely will try. Our loft is like Chinese torture in summer. Despite the high ceilings we still experience temperatures over 30 degrees Centigrade indoors.

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