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Solar Panel Electrical Parameters And Quantity Query


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Hi All

I have the following questions regarding the electrical parameters and quantity of solar panels required for an installation.

Which electrical parameters must be used for the calculation of the quantity of panels required for an installation STC or NOCT?

Does the panel ever exceed the STC electrical parameters with regards to the Voc as per the electrical parameter as provided by the PV panel manufacturer?

Is it a good practise to be as close to the maximum PV array power of the inverter or should there be a little headroom in case the PV array exceeds the STC electrical parameters?

If the inverter have more than 1 PV array inputs must the inputs be balanced ie 3 panels in series and 3 in parallel to both inputs or can the inputs be unbalanced ie 3 panels in series and 3 in parallel to the first input and 3 panels in series and 4 in parallel to the second input?

Kind Regards


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