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Revov and Victron compatibility


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I have it through the Grape Vine that the bulk of revov's sales is to people who want to use it in a Victron system, so they do care about being compatible. With that said, earlier batteries were not always compatible (it depends what BMS they shipped with it). I also heard, again through the Grape Vine, that they have a little converter unit that looks like a BMV to the Victron side (VE.Direct) that interfaces with the battery to provide SOC and other information.

The easiest might be to simply ask Revov about the unit you have/want to buy.

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My Victron Quattro and Revov are getting along nicely -small config issue on Revov BMS caused one reboot of system once - since it was changed no problems to date. I get 175Ah (@10% SOC) from 200Ah set - so close to 90%.

On about 50 charge cycles - hopefully many many more to go :)

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