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4x 180 Ah Omnipower Batteries + Victron Battery balancers for sale


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I have 4x 180 Ah Omnipower OPR Deep Cycle Rechargable AGM batteries for sale.

Two units were purchased from Sinetech and two from Solar-shop in November 2019. They have been connected to 3 Victron battery balancers since commissioning and have done 34 Syncs and  8 charge cycles to ~65% SoC. Deepest discharge was -77.3 Ah with total AH drawn = -2041.1 Ah. Information from the BMV712.

I have commissioned 2 pylontechs to replace them. The 4 units are three months old and in perfect condition and charged to 100% before removal.

 Price: R 2800 each. Neg.

I also have a Victron Battery balancer set for the 4 batteries mounted on a panel with 4 volt meters with wiring. The balancers were purchased in Nov 2019 new. R 2000 neg. for the complete system.


I’m willing to deliver the batteries in Gauteng free of charge.

I will consider any reasonable offer on the items.


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@DeepBass9 The maximum load the batteries have been loaded to is ~15 A over a discharge cycle. I don't log the individual battery voltages but the BMV  does log the mid point voltages and they have been very consistent during each cycle. Assumption is that the two batteries per midpoint also had similar voltage responses.

OmniPower 180Ah Volts+Amps ii.PNG

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