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switch to lithium batteries

Thys van Schoor

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I do have a Magnum inverter model MS4348PE and is using Trojan deep cycle batteries T -125 6 volt. 48 volt system. I do have 16 batteries installed and it is getting to the end off their lifetime. I want to switch to lithium batteries. Is it possible and can I still use the old inverter. Is my current inverter compatible for lithium batteries

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Hi Thys,

There are a number of "lead acid replacement"  options at good prices - stock is a challenge everywhere. They are 2nd life batteries - Has a BMS built in, but no CAN-Bus interface.

Basically the BMS controls charge/discharge, over/under current and temperature aspects - but to a non CAN-Bus type inverter it looks like a normal battery - set charge rates, disconnects etc.  Biggest difference is it's LifePO4 internally - so most allow DOD of 80% - compared to at most 50% or less on the old lead acid (LA) units - also charge efficiency is 95%+ - compared to 70% for old LA.

Not sure where you are based  - if in CT I can point you to somebody ( Mike Thorne - @Mike )

Some options which you can find on the forum:

Revov (http://revov.co.za/)  -

180Ah " replacement"  - https://thepowerstore.co.za/products/12v-180ah-ultimate-iron-battery

For DIY (When stock arrives again) or look up Bain Viljoen:  https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/

Alternatively the Pylontech/Dyness etc are "new"  options, but not sure about compatibility with the Magnum...

Hope it helps.


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