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Axpert MKS II with Pylontech & ICC problem


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Hi all. I have the following setup:

16 x 275W Canadian Solar

1x Mecer Axpert MKS II

4x Pylontech US2000 Plus (1 year old)

2x Pylontech US2000 (new)

1x ICC from centurion Solar


Once I installed the additional batteries, the ICC failed to show the battery SOC, Battery Volts, Battery Amps, & Battery Temp.

But on the inverter it showed that the batteries were charging. When the batteries were checked, the 2 newest ones showed that they were charging (solid light), with the older 4 on standby (1 flash). Assuming this was the systems way of getting the SOC in balance for all 6. When I checked the monitoring side though, the problem mentioned above was what I saw on the ICC.

A US2000 Plus is the master and the rest slaves.

  • Could I have a communication cable problem from the ICC to the batteries (obvious first check to do in the morning)?
  • Or do I have a design fault on the battery side with the ICC unable to monitor the 6 batteries?
  • Is there perhaps a mix issue with new and old batteries or the fact that they are slightly different?
  • Or would a full setting check need to be done to isolate the problem from an inverter setting perspective?


Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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