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frequent battery to utility jump, axpert/pylon/eskom

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after setting my axpert as per image [settings] about 4 hours ago there has been a cyclic process going on. it looks like this:
every time the display on the axpert indicates a charge of say 50volts [it slowly increases] the utility charge stops and the load falls back on the batteries for a while until charging from utility resumes. this process loops every few minutes with a gradual increase in battery voltage over the last four hours [see images of display please].
the initial charge was one led and we are now on 4 leds - things are improving 🙂
i anticipate that by 2400, when eskom will cut electricity, the batteries will be nearly full and provide ample power for the outage.
so i am not worried about that.
my question is whether this is a 'settling in' pattern or something abnormal which i should address by changing of the settings.
your feedback will be appreciated

[i know the solution lies in changing the settings to 'victron' - but cut me some slack in the meantime :-)]

axpert settings


images of axpert display



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You need a difference between settings 12 and 13; at least 1 volt, possibly 2, more if you want your battery really full ready for load shedding.

Try 52 or 53 V for setting 13 ("back to battery" voltage setting).

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