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Eco Cottage - Design & Building


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My partner and I would like to build a small, environmentally friendly, cottage in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Our intention would be to let it out and try and generate some income from it.

We will be on a tight budget so will be looking to do as much of the work ourselves as possible as well as recycling old materials.

We have already collected some old wooden sash windows and doors for the project. 

Would love to hear any suggestions on building materials (sand, straw bale, cob etc.) and design ideas that you would include in a new build. 

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Hi Carl,

Just check the municipal building regulations ito straw bales etc.

Here is a lot of experience to draw from: http://www.aardskip.com/

And then there is outa this world. I love the houses done using old Boeing or some such hulls ... with the wings intact. All the potential!!! :D

Like this one: http://www.cnet.com/news/man-creates-mobile-home-in-a-plane/


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Thanks TTT, 

I don't think our neighbors would be happy with us bringing a Boeing or similar onto the plot. We already have one problematic neighbor. I love the transparent floor in the Boeing.

That aardskip is also not really our scene, but interesting. 

Thanks Chris i will be in touch about getting those contact details. I see they live in Nieu Bethesda, which is our favorite stop over spot when heading North.

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Carl, I KNOW - I would have had the floors with class, and the entire hold full of inverters and batteries!!! :D

Strange new ideas can set you free on a path you never saw coming.

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