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Morning All


So let me set the scenario and we can take it from there. I am using roughly 13,5-14kwh as a maximum on any given day. Got a solar geyser, thinking of a gas backup for that. Max Required instant KW hit 3.8 from when we tested, so a 5 kw inverter should do just fine. From here I determined I need 8-9 330 panels to meet my need, batteries will be lithium, still need to determine exactly what there but think 3.5kw x 2 should do.


Please clarify the following:


Which inverter brand and model?

Which battery brand and model?

Which solar panels and model?


I had a budget of 75000 in mind, but that was a estimate and if its more expensive I can make a plan. But need real world experience and ideas.


Thanks for the help

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Before  you can go ahead I think you will need to do some more homework. 

1.First of all you would need to know if you want a grid tied or off grid system. Do you only want it only for load shedding etc.?

2. The power usage figures given are not complete. The system needs to be able to supply the maximum kw at any given time even if  there is no load shedding unless you use a changeover switch for load shedding.eg. If you are using a electric stove and  are using the oven and plates, unfortunately a 5kw inverter wont do the job. Two electric heating devices (iron, heater, aircon, geyser, microwave, stove, kettle, oven etc) which are switched on at the same will add up close to 5kw without anything else.

3. The battery capacity will depend on the time you would like use them at a specific load or average load.

4. Solar panels will depend on all the above points. Just to charge batteries or used all the time etc.

5. I do not think anyone will give you the brands and models of the equipment to be used as this is a personal choice for each person after they have identified their needs.

6. If you do not spec your system correctly it can cost you redoing the system. I do not think anyone on this forum  is going to tell you exactly what and how to do your system.

I do think you need to go and read many posts from this forum and it will help you in your decisions.

7. As far as the gas geyser I would consider using a forced fan smart geyser  feeding the solar geyser into the gas geyser. Some new geyser adjust the heat and can take the solar geyser input. so you save on gas.  Gas geysers are subject to a minimum water flow rate.



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