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Not switching to mains

G power

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I have a 2 x 5kva axpert unit linked in parralel. I'm having a problem at night where it goes from Solor to battery and basically depletes battery to 0 and then only switches to mains. Inverter is set to SOL so no clue why it's doing this

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Is there a parameter that specifies how far your battery can discharge before the system starts drawing from grid?

Mine will discharge 60% in the circumstances you describe, then will draw from the grid. That means I always have 40% available if there's an outage during the night.

Also how much battery do you have? I have 10 kw/h. Usually the system will start discharging at about 17:45 this time of year, and will be at 60 to 64% at 4:30 the next morning when the heat pump turns on. Only in prolonged foul weather will it hit the 40% mark.

So maybe you need to look at what loads you have on your system during the night and/or whether you have enough battery.

But also check for the sort of parameter that I mention. That means that you will always have some battery available in case of an outage.

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