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WANTED : Mecer Axpert King 5kw Hybrid Inverter

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Hello All,


I'm based in CT and looking for one of these for a decent price. Please PM me if you have a working one for sale/not in use. 

Also looking for a 5kwh Lithium battery with built-in BMS for a decent price - not going to lie - if I can get this one close to the price you see them going for on Facebook Marketplace I;d be a happy camper.


PS: I know better than to buy those on FB - that's why I'm posting here



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15 hours ago, vlan_one said:

I bought an Axpert MKS from Voltex last week and at first they sent me a King in error.

Voltex stocks them if you can’t find a second hand one...

Thanks - any idea on pricing?

I see their website does not list pricing

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Posted (edited)

I have a Synapse 5.0+King that was installed less than a month ago. The client want to increase the Inverter capacity so I had to use a different inverter as this was the last unit left in stock.

I want R9500 for it, we doing the switch today so I will have the unit after lunch if you interested 


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Pic of actual unit

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I sold it this morning, 

Yes, full warranty - proof of purchase was included in the sale 


I have Growatt SPF5000TL 48V Hybrid Inverters available tho

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