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Axpert MKS 5kVA not switching to batteries


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Morning, I am feeling stupid

I have an Axpert MKS 5kVA connected to 4 x 260a/h batteries, no panels yet.

Everything worked fine for about 8 months, suddenly it stopped switching to battery power when Eskom goes off. No error codes

When I switch Eskom off the only light I have is the inverter screen



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What battery voltage do you see when

1. Eskom is on, presumably battery is floating;

2. When you isolate the AC-in. I suspect it will be plummeting. But odd that no warning shows.

Also, what is setting 29, low DC cutoff voltage?

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Thanks for reply

Nothing was changed, worked fine during our utility company regular load shedding, I was showing a friend how fast it switches over and it DID NOT, embarrassing

I just checked battery closest to me it's on 14v

If I switch off AC-in, or utility mains, all power in house is off  

All settings on default, 29 is 42

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Just checked, when utility power is ON the inverter shows AC-in 231v and AC-out 231v

Symbols: Unit connected to mains ON, bypass ON and utility charger working ON

When I switch off utility, or inverter to DB the power is off, inverter shows AC-in 0v and AC-out 230v

Checked output from inverter, it is 230v, power at DB from inverter is ZERO,  it is like a broken wire, but only when utility off 

Symbols: Unit connected to mains OFF, bypass OFF and DC/AC inverter circuit is working ON

BUT no power reaches the DB, DB is dead


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This is extremely embarrassing, problem sorted, it is my ON-OFF-ON switch

My "electrician" did not tighten the bolt on the neutral wire leaving the inverter side of the switch, the wire had FALLEN OUT

So, power from utility goes to main DB but power from inverter does NOT 

I am NOT an electrician, I found 5 loose bolts on the board, the wires were loose

I am very wary of electricity, my father taught me to put the mains off to change a light bulb, never just trust a switch

and to always pull the wires in a plug to make sure they are tightly screwed 


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