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DA wants tax rebates for household solar PV systems


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Well... maybe if we save SOME load, Eskom will shed less often and bill just as much. Which will help in the short term. 

But in the long term Eskom (and municipalities) need more income so that they can repair or replace aging infrastructure. So we the people are going to end up paying.

What annoys me is that very few of the so called leadership of all these parties actually tell us to stop using so damn much of whatever it is

A few years ago there were water shortages in Mexico City. The mayor had himself filmed showing how he has a shower: gets himself wet. Taps off. Scrub. Taps on for a rinse. All overflow caught and reused where possible. And then he had that shown on TV - the leader setting a public example.

What's wrong with our bunch? Not just the President and the leader of the Opposition. Why aren't mayors telling us how we can go easier on water and electricity? Why aren't our ward councillors reminding us to turn off non-essentials and to turn down the thermostat on the geyser?

Rant over....

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