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PV pulling down my battery


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Good day.

Im seeking for some advise. 

I have a 24v 3kw proline inverter installed to run my server, internet and TV's. The inverter do have a mppt charger but according to specs only really works after receiving 30v and up. 

Connected I have two 340w mono panels connected in parallel and have just bought myself two 200ah gel batteries.

In concern for damaging my new batteries I feel that I might have a problem. 


I have noticed that my system switch on at about 6:00 in the morning and run on the PV till around 19:00 little bit earlier. But at these points the PV voltage are less than what's needed. It runs on 25v till about 7:30 - 8:00 depending on weather where it starts to pick up and at evening it's same issue any time from 5:00 weather depending where the voltage drops down again.

My concern are on these low voltage times my battery bank reads the voltage of the PV array. So it shows the batterys are only 25v.

Does this drain the battery? Do I loose charge at evening time and initially loose some of my days charge? 


The inverter can only take 60v solar input  and the panels vmp are 38.8v so I can't really put them in series to try and counter for this. 😔 unfortunately we learn after we spend the money and don't have funds to replace hardware at this stage.

Any advice would be highly appreciated. Do you maybe get a regulator to cap the input voltage to 60v? Would something like this work so I can put the panels in series to increase voltage at these times? I have no idea just trying to think of possible solutions that's not going to cost me a fortune. 

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