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PV disconnect


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1 hour ago, EugeneF said:

On my Inverter the line between pv and charger / inverter goes away

So that looks like an Axpert clone; that makes it hard to say what might be happening.

Is it possible that your PV voltage is too high or too low?

Can you scroll through the data and get PV voltage to show?

I assume that you have one battery for all 3 inverters, yet separate PV arrays for each inverter?

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I have 3 x Synerji 5kw inverters  with common bank batteries 8x 6v Trojans.. 12 x 325wp Canadian panels coneted  3 in series. 4 stings per inverter.12 panels.  Per inverter. P'v volts varies between 126v + 129v. Sun follower on all 36 panels. 

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4 hours ago, EugeneF said:

P'v volts varies between 126v + 129v.

129 V is awfully close to the 130 V where a genuine Voltronic SCC (the type with 145 V max Voc) starts to ramp down PV power. Maybe Synerjis have a sharper power derating ramp, or merely disconnect instead of ramping down the power. Maybe they ramp or switch off at a lower voltage than the Voltronics that they have largely copied. I note that as winter approaches, the panel voltage will increase, making the problem worse (if indeed this is your problem).

I'd be tempted to wire just two panels in series to see if that prevents the problem. Though the one panel in your photo appears to have 54 cells (6? x 9); I would expect these to have lower Voc. If it does fix the problem, wire all the others so that each inverter gets 2S6P instead of 3S4P.

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