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Invertet Values not adding up


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Hi guys,

I noticed that the amp's drew by the load, and the load watt's does not corelate. The load is 1200 W, but the amp's is 22A.

This is what I see with the icc software. Now using P=IV, were V is 230V,  the current should be +- 5 Amp.

I have 2 inverters in parallel, and I'm looking at the page showing both inverters values.

Inverter 1: 550W   11A

Inverter 2: 650W  11A

What am i missing??

Just now the water pump came on, and the power was 1150W and 1200W , and the current was 22A and 23A on the respective inverters. So the totals is 2350W  with 45A.

It's just not adding up!!!!


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