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On 2020/03/19 at 4:17 AM, Mitch74 said:

Hi everybody 


Has anybody dealt with PV store (pvstore.co.za). Feedback appreciated ... good or bad.

Would also like to know. 

Looks like they opened a branch on Montague Gardens now. 

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On 2021/06/22 at 1:44 PM, RodriguesSA said:

Also see there other name is "Photon Technologies (Pty)".
Well I made a R350 purchase, let's see. 
I'm popping in there tomorrow to collect. 

...and the verdict? are they  legit?

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thanks for the feedback guys... unfortunately so far my experience with them has not been so great. i inquired at the montague gardens branch and it turns out they only have two types of panels in stock. good thing i phoned ahead before placing an order on their webstore.

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another follow up on pvstore - they eventually had the panels in stock and managed to pick up from montague branch. also picked up cables and mc4 connectors, just wish they had more choices wrt to mounting and electrical bits but otherwise great service with very competitive pricing.

the rest of the items i needed i managed to get from sonopsolar (fuses, spd, and ibr mounts). very quick delivery. only downside is their webstore does not offer credit card facilities (just old school eft's). 

rubicon was just down the road from me but they appear to be disinterested in helping walk-in diyers. thirty minutes waiting, lots of blokes behind the counter/office all appearing 'very busy' and trying their best to avoid eye contact (maybe the next day being a public holiday had something to do with it). in the end they only had two types of panels in stock, and only the most expensive mounting gear.

in any case finished my small project during the weekend - adding 12x panels on my carport to augment my existing install.

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