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5KVA Axpert stuck in battery only output?


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9 hours ago, MartinKoch said:

Schubart (Voltronix ?) inverter

If it's the same as the model I found on Ebay with photos, it's an Axpert KS 5K clone. So that's a PWM model. How are your 12 solar panels connected? They should all be wired 2S 6P for maximum PV power. Any voltage over the battery voltage is wasted when using a PWM Solar Charge Controller. They still should not be dipping though; they seem to have copied that "feature" as well as the rest of the design. The one I saw said PV Voc max is 105 V (the Axpert it's presumably copied from has Voc max = 90 V). Are your panels perhaps wired 3S, perhaps causing the SCC to disconnect due to over-voltage?

Because it's a clone, it's really hard to guess what's going on inside.

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thank you for the feedback, I first had 9 panels, when other three was added they got linked to the rest, no re wiring, I am only the end user, no knowledge of the technical stuff

I did change setting 2 maximum charging current from 60a (default) to 20a to see if this can make a difference, however if I switch on the electric kettle the inverter goes to bypass and seems like it stays on bypass, will monitor 

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1 hour ago, MartinKoch said:

the inverter goes to bypass and seems like it stays on bypass,

With factory firmware, there is a minimum of 10 minutes in bypass mode (2 minutes for fully patched firmware). Patched firmware with KettleKomp also bypasses less often. Having less PV charging means more battery sag, hence more likely switching to bypass.

Edit: as a point of interest, do you get anything close to 75% of nominal power from the panels wired 3S? Maybe you have an MPPT Solar Charge Controller after all.

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