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Pylontech doesn’t charge from grid

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 I’m new in this game and a little out of my depth at times. I did my own installation. I have a Goodwe GW5048D-ES WITH one USB3000 pylontech battery. I’m still busy installing 6 x JAP72S09-340/SC solar panels. I livened up the system without the solar panels for now to curb us from load shedding should it come before I’m done with the panels. What I found is that the battery discharged to 20% but now it doesn’t want to charge again. Got the message as attached. I also attach the advance settings. I tried to find the charge time and date but I don't know where to look. Thanks for the help.






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9 minutes ago, FrikkievL said:

Battery was correctly added. Changed it to economical mode and I was able to set charging and discharging times. All working great now. Will set it to General mode once the solar panels is in. 

Have you tried backup mode, I believe it charges from grid by default,but at 10 A only?

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