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HA02 Battery Balancers for Sale

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Anyone interested in slightly used HA02 battery balancers like these :



I have two in the original boxes.

PM for any offers.

I have moved my setup to Lithium and don't need these anymore

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On 2020/04/01 at 1:27 AM, djacobs said:

Do you still have this available 

Yes PM sent

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Hi Everyone,

I am using HAO2 Battery Balancers for my Lead Acid Batteries, set of 8 one for each 4. The batteries are only five and a half months old, my question is how do I know that they are working? No lights? But I am told they make a high pitched sound which I cannot hear, ( getting old) so, I have a direct Digital read out showing me total voltage and I have WatchPower to compare. Thinking of purchasing those cheap12v digital displays for each battery instead of constantly measuring each one with a multi-meter as the batteries are in a Battery stand and rather awkward to get at the back batteries.

Should I be worried at all? Relax and let the HAO2 do what I hope they do and equalize.

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