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Now that I have some spare time during the lock-down I am thinking that it is an excellent opportunity to kick-start a community based software development program for Axpert-like inverters. As this program is community based it will be freely available to all. (We could even post it on Github for all to benefit}

I have written some software in Python and Python Gui for the Axpert, but I decided to try my hand in VB.Net (Visual Studio) and I have modified some code that was made available some time ago on this forum that was written in visual basic. I have turned this code upside down to get a handle on it and modified it to more or less do what I want. I am not a coder by the way and I am only Blessed by being able to read and understand Logic.

My thinking is that I will start off with a relatively simple comprehensive program that I will share here and from there we will develop it into something that we can all use. My current format resembles a certain commercial one (which I like), so we will first have to alter it into something unique which we can call our own.

Interested non-commercial developers are welcome to message me if they are keen to get involved. Non coders can share all their ideas here.....from design to wish-list.

EDIT: And....Yes, the full code will be made available to all.


Axpert log6.PNG

Axpert log7.PNG

Axpert log8.PNG

Axpert log9.PNG

Axpert log10.PNG

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Hows the progressing coming along on this project, would like to be involved - just got me setup done this week and would like to integrate to home automation.


looking forward to some updates.


kind regards


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