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Batteries in cupboard


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Hey guys,

Our DIY solar install is coming along very nicely!

Goodwe 4.6
2.5kwp on the roof
Pylontech 3000 (unfortunately didn't get it before the country ran out of stock, but installing everything so as to make this a quick add once we get one).

Goodwe and sub-DBs are being installed in the garage - from the garage it's a double brick drill straight into the kitchen cupboard of a flatlet. Flatlet is not being used / kitchen cupboards are empty.

I would like to do it this way so as to keep the expensive battery out of sight and safer (the garage itself isn't particularly secure, already bit worried about the inverter being stolen).

Questions -

  1. How much of a fire hazard do these batteries pose? (Pylontech or similar)
    Obviously many install these indoors, but would you prefer an "outdoor" (garage without flammable materials) install if possible?
    (weigh up fire hazard vs. battery theft hazard)
  2. And how hot do they run? Logic tells me they should be installed in a ventilated space (could install small fan in cupboard door) but then if I look at the Pylontech cases there's not much ventilation going on there between two stacked batteries?




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1 hour ago, markus_m2 said:

How much of a fire hazard do these batteries pose? (Pylontech or similar)

Very little. LiFePO4 is one of the safest lithium chemistries around. Even putting a nail through it merely causes a lot of smoke (fluoride) to be released. More examples, here, and here.

1 hour ago, markus_m2 said:

And how hot do they run?

Up to 40°C is not considered hot. Most managed batteries will start to lower charge/discharge current above 40°C.

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What plonkster said...

My Pylontechs are packed tightly in a steel cabinet with grid doors front & back.   They go up to about 35 C at the end of their charge cycle and drop down to 25 C at end end of the discharge cycle.  The room temperature coincides to a large extent with their charge/discharge cycle, so It could also have an effect.

My guess is they should be fine in a cupboard 😁


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I don't have pylontechs, but I do have Li batteries. In an old linen cupboard together with the inverter. Additionally the batteries are mounted in a steel cabinet with locking front panel.

No problem. I stick my head in there at random times and there's never anything worryingly hot. There's no fumes given off. When I asked the installer he said they'd done several installations in a cupboard with no problems.

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