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Positioning of Inverter & Battery


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Hi All,

With these 3 weeks in Lock Down, I am aiming to get most of my planning done for my Inverter Install (which will be followed by PV install after Stellenbosch approval).

Now, my preferred place to install my Inverter and Battery will not work. I cannot get the necessary Top/Bottom/Sides clearing around the Inverter as per the manufacturer's guidelines (Goodwe).

So my question:

What are the main points you will consider when selecting the ideal position for your inverter and battery? (please add your reasoning)

  • Inverter Placement:
    • Max Distance from Distribution Board (both load wise and communication wise)
    • Distance from Solar Panels
    • Problems with high install (above finished ground level)
  • Battery Placement: (a single 3.5kw Dyness Unit which is used for backup purposes with max 1 more unit expansion in the future)
    • Distance from Inverter (also max distance that should not be safely exceeded)
    • Pros vs Cons of Ground vs Wall install
    • If wall install; what is the best orientation, flat (i.e front faceplate pointing up) or protruding (i.e front faceplate facing forward)
    • Problems with high install (above finished ground level)

My space is limited as this will be situtated in the garage.  And as my preferred spot above and next to the DB is not available, the alternate spots (based on above inputs) will even be more space constraint. 

Thanks for your input


PS - my install is focussed on Load Shedding backup, as well as 3kWp self consumption through solar during the day.  I have no plans to go fully off grid

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1 hour ago, Mark de Klerk said:

Hi Daniemare. As a Mech Engineer understanding thermodynamics, I would recommend that the top clearance is the most important to maximize the “chimney effect” of the cooling fins at the back.

Thanks Mark - noted

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