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Infinisolar E5.5 Max. feed-in grid power affect PV panel input


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I have PV system with Infinisolar E5.5, 14x365W PV panels (5110W) and 400Ah OPzS battery (48V). I have to limit feed-in to the grid power to 3600W, which I did by setting parameter "Max. feed-in grid power".

The problem is, by limiting feed-in power, I also limited PV panel input to value "Max. feed-in grid power" + ~500W, regardles my household load. For example, if I set feed-in power to 3600W, and have load 2000W, PV panel input is limited to 4000-4100W, so I feed to utility grid 2000-2100W max. If I set feed-in power to 4000W, and have load 2000W, PV panel input is limited to 4400-4500W, and feed to utility grid 2400-2500W max. And so on... Sure, I can raise "Max. feed-in grid power", but when my load drop, I can exceed 3600W feed to grid power, which is not acceptable.

Is this normal behavior for this inverter?

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