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Balance and de-sulphating Trojans


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I now have 4 x Trojan T105 (6V)  resting, i.e. not being used for 3 months until next project. 

I connected the string directly to 2 x SOLARWORLD PS 150 pv's (wired in series) to boost the batt's for balance and de-sulphating without a controller/regulator.  I have been monitoring cell electrolyte levels and have topped up regularly with de-ionised water.  After a few hours of good sunshine it reaches 31V, so I imagine a total of 6 hours of charging. 

After overnight "rest" next morning I read 25.4V.

Is this useful  and acceptable?

Can / should I do this regularly?  Once a week? 

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A good question! I would contact the main distributor of Trojan to see what they recommend.

What interests me is what they do with new batteries. They clearly don't fly your battery order in. The weight of lead acid batteries means they are shipped in. So the agents keep a large stock holding. My experience is that they don't do anything. The batteries shouldn't self discharge over weeks/months but I would expect at some stage they should be charged.. 


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The importers of these Trojans ship the batteries filled with electrolyte and ready-to-use, by sea freight.  The first series I bought I measured on delivery at (average) 6.70V no-load and 6.55V @ 5A load after 5 minutes : acceptable in my opinion.  I would expect some self-discharge during shipping, storage and "shelf" before sale/delivery, typically 2%/month.    I don't know who imports batteries dry because the weight difference is insignificant compared to the weight of the nett battery - let alone the type and quality of electrolyte available locally. (I can imagine the hassle with quality/guarantee of the product by manufacturer after filling with possibly dubious stuff.) [Aside : some batteries I bought in the past, typ. 12V 20Ah were shipped 'dry' from China and it took me some time to find a good electrolyte (Protea Chemicals).]

I asked my original question to hear if someone had experience of managing this procedure (or variations)  and their results.

By the way, the site is


and no other.


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