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Axpert VM5000-48 (PIP-5048MSE) Cooling Fan Cycling On/Off

Kilowatt Power

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Hi good people. Hope you're keeping well and safe!

I recently installed an Axpert VM5000-48 (PIP-5048MSE) and noticed the cooling fan runs at relatively high speeds even at 0% load unlike the Axpert MKS 5K whose fan runs loud enough only when the batteries are charging.

I had read here that the fan speed control algorithm for the Axpert MKS is such that fans will run at 30% minimum at all times. Is this not the case with Axpert VM5000-48 or PIP-5048MSE?

I've tried changing setting 03 from UPS to APL, lowering the maximum utility charging current from 30A to 20A, the absorb (bulk?) voltage from 58.4 to 56.4 but to no avail. The fan keeps coming on, runs for about 20 - 30 minutes at high speed, stops then starts the cycle all over again after another 30 minutes or so. All this time the batteries are fully charged at 54.4 VDC.

I would really appreciate help in getting this inverter work like the Axpert MKS 5K i.e. fan runs only when batteries are charging or high load. The main CPU version is 00020.13 (U1 20 13 on the inverter). A picture of the installation is also attached. Thank you.

Axpert VM5000-48 Installation.jpg

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Reading a similar post in AEVA Forums regarding a PIP-5048MSE fan that runs for 12 minutes every 30 minutes at 100% irrespective of the load or temperature.

From @Coulomb's response, I guess I have try my luck convincing Voltronic Power to release updated firmware with load dependent fan speed control or replace the fans altogether.

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