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Losing PV Input


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Axpert 5kVA, please can I have assistance...

During the day Inverter "looses" the PV input (on bright sunny day)

It will be working fine then the PV input on the panel disappears for a while, sometimes hours.

Although you can measure voltage incoming to the Inverter there is no connect.

Then it will return & reconnect?

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Strange- had it with another similar brand - but was 2 in parallel and even with its power saving mode disable (when low load) still did it on one- but leaving it overnight sorted itself out- this is with a large lithium bank (360ah) supplying as well. 
So it seemed with low load one of the two went into a power saving- and the other one supplied load from battey & PV.. but your case seem to be different.

Perhaps Jaco has some other ideas... if you do have batteries as well, perhaps make sure a “power save” mode is disabled. Im NOT referring to throttling the PV input on low load/batteries full - that setting has to be enabled.

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4 hours ago, Palzim said:


MUST 5kVA.jpeg

I see that the MPPT range is from 54 to 130 volt. I am guessing here, but that 122 is a bit to close for comfort, it might be that the MPPT is sensing 130 or above and that will cause it to disconnect.. If you want to rule this out, connect 3 strings of 2 in series and see if it still disconnects. 

I am no expert, but this seems like a clone of the Axpert.. @Coulomb, will be able to tell us more. 

EDIT: As I thought, its a MUST.. (Clone)

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