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Sunsynk 5kw with strange load power reading?



Hi All

Does anyone out there have an idea why a newly installed Sunsynk 5kw inverter would display an inaccurate essential backup circuit "LD" power reading? 

My DB is split into essentials and non essentials.  The Sunsynk has been set up to export any excess solar energy to the Grid as we have an energy purchase arrangement.  Non-essentials are on back up battery when the grid fails.  I have a 5kw solar array.

Example of issue

If essential circuit is using say 600w (confirmed by effergy clamp on cable) and I switch of all the non essentials in the DB the "HM" reading on the inverter also reads +- 600W which makes sense as only the essential circuit drawing load of 600W.  The Sunsynk has a CT meter clamp measuring total power on main feed from Eskom designated as "HM".  The strange thing is that the inverter measures the LD as 350W?   If I switch off the Grid the inverter now indicates the essential circuit is using +- 500W (close enough to the 600W).

Furthermore depending on what is running on the non-essential circuit, the LD backup circuit power displaying on the inverter is influenced. Example - If main geyser switches on the essential circuit power "LD" reads 2400W, but effergy still shows 600W.  Under counter geyser switches on LD drops down to 196W but effergy clamp still shows 600W.  Solar power at middle of day is making 4600W, the LD power shows 950W on inverter but effergy clamps still shows 600W.  Based on experience the 600W is the correct value for the LD circuit for each example above.

Barring a factory fault the following potential issues have been raised and checked but did not resolve.

  • Common neutral problem between essential and non essential circuits
  • Induction interference on load, grid and CT clamp cables
  • Software update required
  • Factory reset
  • Inverter programming set up
  • CT meter installed incorrectly

I have had some of the best in the industry giving me possible ideas of things to try but nothing has resolved.  Ellies has agreed to replace the device but before they go ahead I wanted to double check with all of you in case it is not an inverter issue.

Any ideas?????


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