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Lifepo4 Discharge rate


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I am busy with setting up a basic inverter battery backup system. I want to use cells to  create my own battery bank. If I connect 2 same cells in parralel, each cell with 0.5C discarge rating. Does the rating now increase to 1C?


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12 hours ago, CCC said:

Does the rating now increase to 1C?

1C for one cell, yes.

But you could think of it the other way. Suppose you have two 50 Ah cells; for them by themselves, 0.5C is 25 A. But if you connect them in parallel, you have in effect a single 100 Ah cell-pair. So now they are capable of 50 A (with each working at 0.5C), which is 1C for a single cell, but it's still 0.5 C for the paralleled 100 Ah pair.

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