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axpert mks 3kp-24 plus AC generator not charging when inverter is ON


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Hi, pls direct me to correct post if one deals with this.

AC generator not charging the batteries if the inverter is switched on.

Connected 1kw generator to supplement solar panels because have cloud cover.
However, AC charges the 24V Battery pack (two 200AH 12V Ross deep cycle AGM's) only if I switch the inverter off.
If I switch it on, to goes direct to the load supply and not the battery charge as well.

System config:
2 panels (SRP-330-6PA) in series   (New Jan 2020)
axpert mks 3kp-24 plus  (New Jan 2020)
2 Ross S12-230AGM deep cycle batteries  (new Dec 2019) in series.

Totally off-grid out in Bainskloof,  dependant upon the power from the solar system.


borrowed standby 1kw petrol driven generator.
But generator is not charging battery and supplying load.
Its either, or.
not both.
Have to switch off the inverter to charge battery.
This must be a setting feature.

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3 hours ago, Andymangs said:

This must be a setting feature.

This is weird, because my understanding is that these models have a separate battery charger (they don't use the inverter in reverse as the 5 kVA models do).

Can you tell us the values for some settings, please? Let's start with 01 02 11 12 13 16 and 29.

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