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Complete 3kva setup


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I have upgraded my solar setup to a new 5kva inverter and 2 pylontech batteries. 

I'm selling my my complete previous setup

* 3kva axpert Inverter

* 4x Trojan T105 re

* Victron bmv-700

* Raspberry pi with registered ICC


I bought new pi and software so I can sell this setup with the complte record of the battery usage. I have already done my change over. The setup is ready to go


I would like to get around R18 500 for the complete setup 

Please feel free to ask for any further information



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I would consider selling all Items separately if i can pre-line up a buyer for all the Items

* 3kva axpert Inverter - R4500

* 4x Trojan T105 re - R9000

* Victron bmv-700 - R2100

* Raspberry pi with registered ICC - R2100

Or R17 500 for All

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The equipment was bought in March 2016

As you can see the average depth of discharge was 35% and the this depth of discharge, you should expect 2250 cycles and i have only used 236 cycles.

Even at the deepest discharge you could expect over 1000 cycles



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Hi, yes the inverter does have mppt. The fans do make a bit of a noise, but they do not run all the time. So not to bad. The 5kva I have just installed has its fans running almost constant when on load and solar

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