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Infinisolar V II 5KW or MPP Solar HV2-5048 Problem and firmware


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I am wondering if there is a newer Firmware for parallel use?

I encountered a problem,  that when the inverters are connected in parallel, the SolarPower program has total readings of the energy produced for only one device (PICTURE1). You can see in the pictures that the program copies the total daily production of electricity from the "master" inverter to another.  So the mistake is that I see in the program the total energy produced from only one inverter. The "master" inverter is simply copied to the slave inverter. And when looking at the total power, the program again does not add up the total daily output of the two inverters, only displays from the "master". 

It can be seen that each device produces different wattage, but the total energy produced is displayed for only one device. I tried everything, I connected both via usb and via serial port but always the same. Also, I notice on the light bulbs that they blink more often in the evenings when switching from solar to grid. This has never happened before with a single inverter.  My question is if this may be a firmware problem?
Is there any special firmware for parallel merging? Could you please send an Question to voltronic, is there a solution to this problem?

Infinisolar, in fact someone named Teddy Hsieh, is constantly refusing a conclusive answer. I must admit that the communications are very bad and irresponsible!


please help!







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