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Connecting Growatt to PC with WatchPower


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5 hours ago, Johanba said:

I have set up the watchpower software on my laptop

connected the USB cable from the inverter to my laptop USB Port

The cable is a-B cable

But I do not get any data

What am I missing on this

Please help me

Windows laptop? 

If yes - right click on My PC / Computer, chose manage and then select Device manager. While pluging and unplugin the cable from the laptop, check what port the device is using by looking at the port that will appear and disappear (Do it slowly, give time for the machine to react to what you do , it should say COM 4 or 5 or what ever. Select that comport in the WatchPower software as well.

When you plug it in, give it at least 1 min, watchpower takes some time to show the Inverters you connect to. 

Second option is to Use a USB-Rs232 converter and the serial cable supplied with the Inverter. 

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Still not getting it working

Not sure if I have the right cables connect now

I have Teamviewer or VNC available, if anyone could possibly help me via that way

Will appreciate, let me have your number to call you, if you can assist



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