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Hi all,


Here's a couple of projects we have done for clients as of late:


University of the North West

Running a hydrogen generator from solar.





Vodacom Emfhilweni

Powering the school and the local Vodacom base station, with generator back-up






Everything had to be flown up by helicopter




Solar telecom sites - North Moz




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Hi Korn,


Some great projects there, you lucky dog :)


I am just wondering about the orientation of the battries.

Historicaly battries is always used upright, even gel battries.

I see all these is positioned horizontal. Is it a special battery?

How will the battery vent gas?



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Hi Wetkit,


Flooded or semi sealed batteries have to be orientated upright, otherwise the acid will run out.


Gel and AGM batteries are not needed to stand upright as the acid is in a different form and will thus not run out.


The batteries in all those pictures are OPzV batteries (gel).


AGM and Gel should theoretically never vent gas but does have a pressure release valve should gas build up.


Remember that if a gel battery gasses you can cheers to it, you can never recover the battery as that gas bubble gets formed on the plate and stays there, so that part of the plate will then never be in contact with the gel again. 


That is why it is extremely important to have temperature compensation with your batteries, especially the more expensive type of ones.



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