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Shoto and Axpert with/without pi


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Hi guys, 

So I know with an Axpert / Pylontech battery Centurion Solar has successfully developed a system to communicate the battery BMS to the inverter by means of a Raspberry pi and ICC software using the console port on the battery.

Has anyone had any experience doing something similar with a Shoto SDA series battery and an Axpert?  Could I not simply use the comm port on the battery and the inverter and connect them both to a pi and use Watchpower or something?  

The Pi is primarily going to be used for remote monitoring of the inverter but wonder if I can't get something else out of this as well.

TIA for the responses.

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Hi @Sammyigt,

Good plan, but as you know, all plans are fraught with pitfalls.

So they way i see it, most (Li) batteries outputs it info via RS485 ports, and your Pi will have only USB ports, so you need a special cable.

These are available, yet pricey, as the current ICC-Pylontech system works.

Now if the SHOTO guys have an app to read and display the BMS info, you are getting somewhere, but these are mostly based on Windows/Mac.

Maybe some clever programmer/developer has done this for linux. Please check Github. Maybe you are in luck.

Assuming you are using ICC to monitor the Axpert, just remember that ICC does not know about the BMS, as it is not supported (SHOTO) natively in the app,  thus negating the effort.

Maybe if one can "mimic" the SHOTO BMS data to look like Pylontect MBS data (maybe they are closely related cousins - and some parsing/messaging can do the trick), then ICC solution will work 100%.

Even if you get the SHOTO BMS info into linux, you actually need it to "control" the Axpert, as these BMS are very clever, they can tell the Inverter to increase/decrease/stop charging/discharging.

Let us all know your findings.

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On 2020/05/16 at 10:45 AM, Centurionsolar said:

Hi Sammy, if you like you can always put me in touch  with the people that bring in Shoto batteries so that I can arrange for a demo unit, and I simply add it for you? ;)



Hi Centurionsolar

Did you make any progress with the integration of Shoto with ICC ?

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37 minutes ago, Blue Planet Power said:

Hi Johan, (Centurion Solar) did you come right with the Shoto information I sent you, if you still need a battery let me know, I can send one up to you. 

Hi Blue Planet Power

Do you know who the distributor is for Shoto in Jhb ?  I need to check if a SDA10-4850 is still under warranty as the capacity seems low. 

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