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Information on Company : www, cosmicenergy [email protected]


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Those specials on lithiums are crazy cheap and would get most people's attention but.......looking at the site for the first time and taking note of the copy and paste descriptions, and spelling errors no physical address given,big purple banner that states no physical stock kept???,  business using a gmail account??, Looks suspect to me 🙄 call me suspicious 

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13 hours ago, Kwagga said:

Did any one on the forum have any experience with this company.

No experience with them, but I know this guys style. Always an office in PE and warehouse in JHB. Always the same pictures and the same  modus operandi. 

He normally hits the market with specials when there is a shortage of  lithium's in the country. When no one else has stock, and there is basically nothing imported or exported anywhere in the world, this guy magically gets enough stock to offer specials.......

Last thing that worries me from this site... I would not enter any secure data like credit card details on a non secure site... that is looking for trouble on its own... 

Please stay away from sites like this. The Reputable dealers in SA all has more or less the same price (Few Hundred Rand difference at most) , if someone claims to be running specials a few thousand rand cheaper than the rest, I would not buy from them. The profit margin on the stuff is just to small to be running specials like that. 



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