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Infinisolar V vs Infinisolar


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The Infinisolar V series is significantly cheaper than the standard Infinisolar models.  The Infinisolar V also looks more like an Axpert.

I remember the V series didn't have NRS accreditation, but apparently the V II series does offer that?

What are the differences between the V-series and standard Infinisolar range?

Why would you rather not buy the V-series?

What does the lower MPPT voltage range of the V-series really mean?


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11 hours ago, Frodo said:

What does the lower MPPT voltage range of the V-series really mean?

I note that the Infinisolar V II series are higher PV voltage. So they are like Axpert MKS II.

The lower MPPT voltage range of the non-II series means you have to use more strings of fewer panels: 3S of 60-cel panels, or 2S of 72-cell (or 144 half-cell) panels.

In practice, this means more flexibility in the number of panels (you can start with 2-3 and expand to more in sets of 2 or 3), but more wiring, fuses, and space for a combiner box. It also means more wire, which is a little more expensive, and you may need thicker wire.

I don't know much about the internals of the Infinisolars, V or otherwise. The Infinisolar non-Vs seemed to have too much hardware to me; I suspect that the V series are more Axpert-like, with just enough hardware to get by.

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