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Axpert failure on incoming AC


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Good afternoon everyone,


I have been running the following system for the past year:


Axpert 3kVA 48V inverter

6 x 375W JA Solar panels

12 x Excis 102Ah batteries


The system has worked flawlessly for the past year. With a little bit of education to the family we have managed to keep the times that we exceed the 2.4kW, to the bare minimum. 


Yesterday I walked into the garage where everything is run from, to find my feed CB from the house to the Inverter tripped. Tried to switch it on and it tripped immediately. Had a look in the house and the feed CB to the garage and El there also tripped. Took the AC input off the inverter and ran my angle grinder from the feed without any issues. 


From the above I narrowed it down to an Inverter issue. 

Question is, what component is causing what seems like a short to ground? 

The Inverter output is still working flawlessly. 

Any assistance or info where to look would be much appreciated. 




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21 minutes ago, Badhabit said:

Question is, what component is causing what seems like a short to ground? 

There are EMI capacitors, usually around 1 nF, from active and neutral to earth. One or more of these may have gone leaky or shorted.

The other possibility are components across the line (active to neutral). There are MOVs that degrade a little every time they absorb a transient and thereby protect the inverter; see this AEVA post about them in 5 kVA models, and part numbers a few posts down from there.

See if you can find the service manual that best fits your model; there are several in the files section of this forum.

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Perhaps I should have added that the reason for this is that when switching from battery to utility or back again, there would always be a 120° phase shift, which is very hard on the relays, and you'd end up with a single phase output.

Axpert Kings might be different, as they have double conversion. Even in line mode, they should handle it, though I don't know if they would allow it. Even then, if they overload, they would switch to bypass mode (line and bypass modes are different for Kings only), so there would be the same problem. Maybe Kings would allow connection to out of phase AC input if bypass on overload was disabled.

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