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BMV700 and 100% SOC


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So I've followed youtube videos and looked at threads on here relating to setting up the BMV, and while it seems to work great, it's not behaving when within 3% of 100% SOC.

Basically as the day goes by, the SOC rises and as it approaches 100% it gradually slows down.

The volts go from bulk to float and then after a few hours at float, the SOC jumps from about 98.6% to 100% like it's been at 100% for a while but not realised it and suddenly jumps.

Any idea what settings I should change to resolve this?

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You always need to put more current in than you took out when charging batteries. Using efficiency and Peukerts factor the BMV estimates the energy required to bring the batteries to a 100% SOC. This is not a 100% but a very good approximation. The BMV will jump from 98.7% or there abouts to 100% when the tail current  and charged detection time are met. Think of a vehicle with a slightly faulty fuel gauge. You know the tank is nearly full but this is confirmed 100% full when the petrol attendant starts messing fuel on the forecourt.

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