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Help with Lithium battery?

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Hi All

I have a Narada Lithium battery (48V 100ah) connected to a hybrid inverter.  It has been used for about a year and half now for load shedding backup purposes.  In the last 3/4 months I have noticed the SOC on the batteries own internal BMS screen is gradually dropping down even-though the float voltage is maintained correctly as per specification. It drops about a 1% a week.  The manual states 51,75V for float and 54V for charge

I tried a test discharge a while back all the way down to cutt-off voltage and that did reset the SOC back to 100% upon recharge, however subsequently it started gradually dropping down again and is on 89% at present.   The latest discharge and charge cycles have not worked to reset SOC back to 100%

What is going on?  Should I be worried? Time for a warranty claim?

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Posted (edited)


How many cycles on the battery? 

My 100AH Pylontech bank is dropping 0.1% capacity for every 10 cycles.

So after about a year and a half and 120 cycles the remaining capacity is now 98.8AH.

I searched the datasheet for the Narada but it doesn't mention anything about cycle life.

What is the warranty period on the battery? 

I am no expert but sounds like it is degrading rapidly.

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Hi Francois

It is on 110 cycles at the moment and is about 1,5 year old. It has a 10 warranty period to my knowledge.  Spec sheet sais "more than 3500 cycles at 100% DOD", but mine has never gone that low.  Normally around 60% or higher during load shedding.  I think on 80% DOD or less it should have a life of 4/5 thousand cycles.  Mine has a 92,4Ah remaining which does seem like a fast degradation to me.  I will get in contact with the supplier

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