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Two 24v Turbines in Series to 48v system?

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Hello, I have noticed there's some fairly cheap wind turbines out now.

In Reading I have found that 48v systems are much better than 24v systems, the only issue is the turbine I want I can only find a 24v one without spending twice the money.

So I got thinking and decided if it's possible it would be a better deal for me to just get two wind turbines, if I could connect them or the controller in series to make it a 48 volt system. Is that doable?

If I could that way I'd get double the power for the same price because I would have two turbines instead of one.

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I can think of a couple of defeaters. I would definitely not do this with two separate turbines (separate blades, potentially running different speeds, brake activating at slightly different speeds). It sounds like a nightmare.

On the surface it might be possible if you literally put them back to back so a single rotor drives both alternators, but again there is something that worries me: Most of these units make 3-phase power (sometimes called wild three-phase, as it does not have a constant frequency). Putting two in series would imply having to put the rectified DC in series, if you tried putting the AC windings in series you'd just get even more weirdness.

No, if I was doing this, I'd look into a boost converter. It's essentially an MPPT (which is normally a buck converter, it steps the voltage down), except that it boosts the voltage. Then you simply boost the 24V to 48V at half the current. There are some cheap boost-style MPPTs (like the Ming He here). Just not sure if this one can go up to 48V.

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