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For Sale: Multistage submersible booster pump


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I bought this pump from these people about a year ago (the NKm3/4 version):


I've taken it out of the box once or twice to look at it, that's pretty much it! So it's unused and just about as closed to original condition as is possible. 

I'm not going to install it, so may as well sell it on. I'd let it go for R3K. I'm happy to provide pictures and other details should you want them. I've used a slightly smaller version of this pump and it is fantastically quiet when submerged in a RWH tank. I can't speak for this one (again, its unused) but apparently very quiet too. 



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6 minutes ago, DeepBass9 said:

What do you use it for? Pressure from a water tank?

I don't use it, but the plan was to have a silent booster pump (in a RWH tank) for non-potable domestic applications. 

If you look at the hyperlink in the original post I think it describes its typical uses. 

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36 minutes ago, spikeza said:

Is it controlled with a float switch or pressure switch? 

Pressure switch. Which would be included in the price, just not shown in the photo. The float shown in the photo is a run-dry protection. Full details of what is included is in the hyperlink in the original post. 

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