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Pylontech SOC max out at 98.88%

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I have 2 x Axpert 5kVA MkII inverters in parallel with 24 x 380W PV panels an ICC and Pylontech US3000 batteries.

Started off with 4 batteries and the system ran perfectly showing SOC as "Full" fairly early each morning when the batteries were fully charged.

I recently added another 4 batteries (now 8 in total). The system still runs fine and the ICC sees all 8 batteries but the SOC maxes out at 98.88%. It never shows "Full" on the ICC as per the previous set-up with only 4 batteries.

When the SOC reaches this 98.88% level the ICC also indicates that the batteries are no longer charging.

Any idea why this would be? Is it a problem? 

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1 hour ago, Smirresa said:

Any idea why this would be? Is it a problem? 

When there new batteries involved this happens for the first two weeks or so. The cells are not perfectly balanced out of the factory and the balancer circuits inside the battery will sort this out over time. The balancers can however only move 50mA between cells so this takes a long time. While this slight imbalance is present, you will either get an SOC that doesn't quite go to 100%, or you may have an SOC that jumps to 100% (from as low as 88%), with the gap getting smaller every day until it goes away.

So no need to worry just yet. Monitor them for a few weeks, it should resolve in time.

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