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Axpert MKS II - Error 04 Pylontech and ICC

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Apologies if I am repeating a question asked many times before but I could not locate a previous post on the forum.

I have 2 x 5kVA Axpert MKS II units in parallel with 8 x Pylontech US3000 batteries, a PV array and an ICC module.

Systems works fine with the ICC managing the Pylontech batteries. However, when running from the batteries I sometimes get an error 04 - low battery voltage, on the inverter.

This is confusing as the Pylontech voltage sits at 48,8 and the only Axpert setting I could possibly find that would cause this is no 29, which is set at 46 V, in line with recommendation either on this forum or from the ICC suppliers.

Any reason why and is this a problem?

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A friend of mine has the same problem of error 4. I adjusted his parameter 29 to 46 and that has stopped error 4. He has 3 inverters and 6 batteries. On my system I have 4 batteries and 1 inverter. I have made setting 29 on mine 45.2 and only the other day got that error after which my system is now nearly running for a year. I think I was using near 5kw. What I suspect is a voltage drop between the batteries and the inverter and so the inverter "thinks" the voltage is to low. With more than 1 inverter, a lot more amps can be drawn from the battery and thus a bigger volt drop. This is just my thinking. What is the rating on that pylontech cables? 

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