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Phocos 5KW H inverter vs Axpert 5 Kw

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Hi! this forum honestly has been the most helpful when it comes to all things solar. my setup, thanks to you guys is going okay. have a question for a friend of myne, he is deciding between the Axpert king and the Phocos 5KW hybrid inverter. he just wants to use it with a battery (no solar), and wanted to inquire which is better. he plans on using the pylontec 3.5 KW battery, which is good, but which is not fully supported by the Axpert (unless that really brilliant ICC software is added in), does the phocos work better? any help is appreciated.

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Having used both, I can say that Phocos is also a variant of Axpert inverter, but a an  improved variant. You can even use watch power with Phocos.  Just compare the two based on specifications, features and price to arrive to your  decision. Phocos is better noise-wise, perhaps because of the dust kit?, Has more settings. One of my favourite is the one where one can override source and charge priorities- giving you interesting array of possibilities and options. A close to a bad example for you on their differences will be akin to comparing Toyota and Lexus. If I was asked to choose  I will put my bet on a Lexus, of course

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