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RCT-Axpert 5K and Deltec BR-12V100 AGM settings


Can someone please help me with the settings for this inverter with 8 batteries. Looking for the bulk charging voltage (cv voltage) program 26#... Any help on any of the programs is very appreciated... I am new to this game. Thank you Keith 


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On 2020/06/29 at 11:12 PM, Kieftus said:

Looking for the bulk charging voltage (cv voltage) program 26#...

As you have written on your datasheet, that should be at least 58.4 V @ 25°C, or more for lower temperatures. But your inverter (depending on the model) may not allow more than 58.4 V, so I'd use 58.4 V. First change setting 05 (battery type) to USE; otherwise, it won't let you change settings 26 and 27.

You should also change setting 27 (float voltage) to 13.7 * 4 = 54.8 V (middle of the range). This will allow for ±5.6°C from 25°C, i.e. a little outside the range 20°C - 30°C. It may occasionally get a little hotter or colder than these figures, but most people don't worry about that.

Once you have this right, you can play around with settings 12 and 13 to get the inverter to switch to and from the grid the way you want. The default value for setting 12 (46 V) is probably too low; you don't want to let your battery discharge that low before switching to grid power. I'd start with 48 V, hoping that with typical loads that's equivalent to more like 50 V rested (around 50% SOC for most lead acid).

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