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I am looking for Fans for Axpert.

Maybe someone here knows where one can buy these?

I have already bought 2 similar 4 wire fans from RS Components at their astronomical pricing, but to no avail.

Eagerly awaiting any pointers of where to get, or maybe someone has one or so Axpert beyond economical repair that could assist?

Thanks in advance


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Morning @francois Nope, of the 2, one does not work spin or anything, the second one by swopping the 2 control wires, can get is to either not start up, or to spin at full speed.

I will look for the part number on the 1st fan, the second fan was:

781-5089  Sanyo Denki San Ace 9GA Series Axial Fan, 92 x 92 x 25mm, 116m³/h, 3.36W, 12 V dc

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I find that the fans used in a PC desktop case work the best (Not for the Axpert, but in general). If you have a 12VDC supply to power them, they are cheap, easy to get and pretty reliable. 
The larger the fan the less noise they make, so if a 120mm will work go for those. You can get them from R100+ at your local computer shop.

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Thanks for that @louisjvdw, Agreed, but on the axperts those do not do the job.

The 4 wire has an additional PWM pin and a sense wire vs the standard 2 wire single speed fan.

So the inverter see a fan failure even though the fan might be spinning OK.

The Axpert 3kW for example has the 3 wire, so basically only additional  PWM for speed control.

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I'm getting 01 Fan Warning on my 3kva 24V MKS Plus. The one fan has been replaced by the previous owner. Both are spinning when the inverter starts up. Can anyone tell me which is the original one and where I can source a copy to replace the other one with in order to get rid of the warning?


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